Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wool Wool Everywhere And Not a Speck to Knit...

I don't think my hands have ever been as soft as they are now doing these customs as fast as I possibly can! Heck I don't need lotion anymore with the amount of lanolin I have come in contact with!

We have gotten out another 4 packages today ! YAY! That Post Office line pretty near killed me with Tyler, Sebastien and Sweet Baby James on my back LOL! But well worth the effort to get these out!

I have taken a pic of the ones I'm still working on here.... they are not complete yet, but getting there!

We did have one casualty as well.... a poor red and teal one that I had started for Lauren! Alas, there's always got to be one, and in this case my wonderful husband was trying to help out and spilt bleach on them :( Not to worry though Lauren, those rich Burgundy and Teal ones are getting prepped just for you!!

Again another big thanks to all our customers!! Hoping to see you at this weekends stocking :D

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