Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Morning After....

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Wow, just wow! I have to say thank-you to all those who made it to the stocking last night! A big thanks to the customers who purchased for their purchase and paying right away, and a huge thanks to everyone who sent me wonderful emails, questions, comments, and the like! We are so overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments and well wishes!

After the stocking last night we had to rush out to my father's 60th birthday party! So if you sent me an email or a PM after 9pm we would have gotten back to you this morning. Please accept our appologies in the delay.

As of today at noon I'm officially putting the wait list on hold. We're sitting at 30 people, and that's a long wait for everyone! Hopefully with putting the waitlist on hold, after we work through some, it will allow us to stock a few extra and maybe a custom slot or two!

Want to see something specific? Have a great idea for a theme? Please feel free to drop us a line! We're always happy to hear from our friends and customers!!

Today is packaging day, but I thought I would take a pic of all the orders that I am hoping will go out Monday (this includes some off the customs list).

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support and understanding!

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