Friday, March 21, 2008

What a busy busy week and many more to come!

Please accept my sincerest apologies in the delay in recent posts! Things have been busy to say the least! Congratulations to Yasmel who recently purchased the amazing Collab with myself, Katie, from Ewe Need It and Stacey from A F.E.W. Natural Changes! A truly beautiful set!

On the homefront things have been a tich bumpy. Little James is sick (9 mos. old) and just finally starting to sleep again *phew* so I have been stuck. Know that shipments will go out tomorrow!

As well, Katie from Ewe Need It's daughter Mackayla went into the hospital :(

Mackayla has been diagnosed with MELAS. MELAS stands for Mitochondrial encepholopathy lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes. Mackayla typically suffers from seizures, and on March 8th came down with what seemed like the flu. In the middle of the night, Mackayla had a horrible seizure that woke her parents, medication was given, and after having to up the dose significantly they were able to stop it. After 2 days of not eating, extreme dehydration, and lethargy, and her leg mysteriously starting to swell, her mother took her into the Emergency Room at the only hospital their insurance lists as a preferred provider, where little Macky was given 3 bags of saline and a test for the flu which came back negative, and she was sent home.

The next morning, Mom couldn't wake up Macky, so back to the ER they went where again, Macky was given only fluids and sent home. Frustrated and aggrivated, Mom camped out at the pediatrician, where, despite the nurse there saying she would be fine, fought to have Mackayla seen again.

On March 12th, Mackayla was admitted into the hospital where extensive testing was done. It was found that not only did Mackayla have the flu, but both strands, A and B were present. To add to this her liver was failing, her leg was hemorrhaging horribly, and doctors were extremely concerned.

Mackayla had to stay in the hospital for a total of 8 days before her liver numbers started to drop. The doctors finally had determined that her seizure had caused microtears in her muscle. That combined with the liver not functioning caused mass hemorrhaging.

Mackys leg is still horribly swollen, its about 3 times the size of her left leg. The virus also attacked the muscles in her right calf and thigh causing them to hemorrhage severely and that combined with her liver was failing all her clotting factors were off. Theye have to massage her leg with a special cream that promotes blood flow 8 times a day which is extremely painful for her. She is no longer allowed to have tylenol because of her liver and can only take motrin, they can't give her anything stronger as the liver is what processes medicines and its already damaged so they don't want to do further damage.

Mackayla has now regressed to the point of about a 5 month old, she can sit unassisted for about 3-5 minutes before falling over, walking is over, the therapists are not sure if she will ever walk again the damage in her leg is so severe. They may end up doing surgery in the next week, if they do it will be about a 20" incision that will go from her groin to her ankle to relive the pressure from all the swelling in her leg so that they don't end up amputating her foot as it isn't getting adequate blood flow due to all the swelling .

As you can imagine, medical bills for this family are sky-rocketing over and above what they already can't afford. They will likely need a wheel chair and an abundance of prescriptions that just aren't in the budget.

To help, I will be auctioning off a set of Fluff Balls, as well as one of our New Fluff Ball Totes from A.F.E.W Natural Changes. As well please feel free to check out what's up and coming!!

If you would like to read more about Mack and MELAS please click here:

As well, I wanted to send out a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to those WAHM's who are donating to try to help out as well! Julie and Lisa from Selah, Rebecca from Night Owl's Menagerie, Kirstin from Small Moments, Andrea from Andies Arts, Angela from Wild Child Woolies, Rachel from Mimzie's Whimzies, Teresa from For Crying Out Loud!, Annette from Wool Creations, Aly from KreativeMindz and her Momma, and Anne from Little Boppers..... you are are truly special and wonderful people! And to those that wanted to help out but couldn't thank you for the thought, the reply, and the consideration!

Well that's it for now, hoping to upload more preview pics of those items to be raffled/auctioned soon!!

My sincerest thanks!


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oh no that's terrible :(

I hope Mackayla feels better soon. I'll keep an eye on the special auctions.