Monday, March 3, 2008

Chuggin Along....

Things in the Fluff Balls zone have been busy busy busy! My mother in law is in town from AR, and we all know what that entails, I just got out 7 packages (6 from the stocking 1 larger custom order) and our wee little man has just cut his fourth tooth and learned how to table walk clearing all surfaces he comes in contact with!

I'm happy to report I've managed to pick up a postage scale so all shipping now should be completed through PayPal, YAY!!

Again I have to thank everyone for such a successful stocking this past Thursday! The responses, questions, comments, well everything, has left us just speechless. We couldn't thank our customers enough for all the support.

Well, hubby has left for that 6:30 am train to work, so we best get to work here! This week (we're hoping Thursday) we're hoping to stock some sweet Easter colors :) Keep your eye out for previews :D As well, if you could take a moment and answer the poll on the right we'd be ever so greatful! If there is a scent that you think we should carry, feel free to drop us an email, make a comment on here or our HC :) Thanks again!

All the best!

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